Track Premiere: Stephen Kellogg “Almost Woke You Up”

S Kellogg

Taken from terrific new upcoming album, due in February.

By Blurt Staff

Rocker and songwriter Stephen Kellogg is on the verge of another artistic peak upon the Feb. release of South, West, North, East, a thematic album with the premise of recording each “geographic section” in a different region of the USA, with different co-producers and different groups of musicians. The West section of the album, in fact, will be streaming on Spotify starting next Saturday, on Nov. 28; South is already streaming, while North begins streaming on Dec. 25 and East on Jan. 15. We’ve got a tasty teaser for the BLURT readership right now, the West track “Almost Woke You Up.” Check it out:

Discussing the song, Kellogg notes, “Like many folks, I live with other people. In my case it’s my wife and four daughters. I see them at their best and their worst. Conversely they see me in the same extremes. Sometimes at night I walk around and stare at these souls in rest, and am flooded with a sense of longing to tell them everything I wish that I had said and done throughout the day to let them know they were loved. Instead I wrote this song. ”

The album itself is a riot of musical diversity: the Southern rock flavor of “South” (recorded in Nashville and Atlanta) slides into the cowboy motif of “West” (recorded on a farm in Boulder, CO); and the more indie rock feel of “North” (recorded in a cabin in Woodstock, NY) gives way to the songwriter pop of “East” (recorded in Washington DC). “I’ve never felt that the genre was as important as the message,” says Kellogg, “and making the record this way was a chance to really explore that idea.” It can be pre-ordered at Amazon as well as iTunes.


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