Track Premiere: Spitzer Space Telescope “Corn Holler”


From new album set to drop mid-December – but not the way you might be accustomed to…

By Blurt Staff

And now for something completely different: Dan MacDonald’s Spitzer Space Telescope is prepping his new album Colonies In the Wild Frontier for a December 16 release, and we’ve got a special premiere for all you BLURT music hounds. Check out “Corn Holler” – but definitely keep reading…

MacDonald says that the song “reflects on my childhood growing up in St. Johns, Michigan where there were vast open fields on all sides of the town. I used my sister’s name ‘Molly’ for the narrator’s wife.”

So what’s completely different? Well, the Chicagoan has upped the bar considerably because the record will not be released in any physical form, nor will it be available on Spotify or the music stores of Amazon or iTunes. There’s only one way to get this release and that is as an app. That might not be convenient for some, but the end result is more content than one could ever imagine. Every song on this record is an original composition by Dan MacDonald. In addition to those songs, he’s added countless variations of those songs, performed by friends of his. There will be videos, sheet music, lyrics, detailed notes, and more—quite the unique musical immersion.

For example, check out an alternate take for “Corn Holler.” It looks like classic archival footage from 1963, but was actually just recently filmed in Chicago. Pretty fascinating at that.

Intrigued? You’ll be able head over to the Apple App Store to download it yourself. Call Colonies the first IMA (Interactive Music Album): “Inspired by traditional folk music forms, the entire album mimics the folk process of adaptation. Each track is not just one song, but features an entire lifespan of a folksong. Colonies doesn’t just aim to usher the music world into the app age, it has also been meticulously designed to teach people about folk music traditions as they explore it. It is available for both Apple and Android products through the App Store and Google Play.”

Meanwhile, you can catch up with MacDonald at his Spitzer Space Telescope site and… wait, that’s a link to the REAL telescope at NASA. Hmm…. Don’t even bother Googling. Try going to his Facebook page instead, folks. And prepare to be intrigued.


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