Track Premiere: Silver City Bound “Take It Slow”

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Freshest young Americana band to come down the pike in ages, with a new EP just out.

By Blurt Staff

They call themselves Silver City Bound (and were formerly known as The Amigos) and the NYC-based Americana upstarts have been steadily amassing a grassroots audience that is threatening to go overground; their celebrated appearance at the Folk Alliance last year garnered comparisons to the Burritos, Jayhawks and Felice Brothers. With a smokingly fine new EP out today, March 4, titled Take My Picture, it’s a perfect time to show a snapshot of the band for the BLURT readership via our exclusive premiere of the track “Take It Slow.” Check it out:

The band commented on the song, saying, “Anyone that’s ever lived in New York knows that feeling you get when the city’s got you totally beat. Maybe you were stuck on the R train for an extra hour coming home while your neighbor took a nap on your shoulder. Maybe your internet provider, which happens to be the only one available in your neighborhood, refuses to send a repair man to fix the modem, no matter how many times you call. Maybe you’ve been working your ass off on something and your self-centered boss keeps taking all the credit.

“This song is for everyone that’s ready to throw in the towel, cut out the bullshit and start enjoying life again. This song is for all the people out there looking for love that’s actually going to last. This song is for everyone out there that’s sick of the hustle and just wants to spend the night at home drinking margaritas with abandon, making-out, and slow-dancing to Otis Redding. In fact, why don’t we all try that?”

Goddam fine advice, lads. On all counts.

The group is made up of accordionist and vocalist Sam Reider, guitarist and vocalist Justin Poindexter, bassist Noah Garabedian, and drummer Will Clark. They’ve already earned some notice and won Best Americana album from the Independent Music Awards for their previous album Diner in the Sky, with kudos from such diverse tastemakers at The New Yorker, Huffington Post and the BBC’s veteran muso Bob Harris.

Count us in, too. This is, quite honestly, one of the best young outfits to come down the pike all year—considering how fresh the year still as, make that “in years.” (Keep that Jayhawks comparison close.) You can find out plenty more over at their official website, and meanwhile, there’s a special record release show tonight at Barbes in Brooklyn if you happen to be in the neighborhood. Plenty more dates coming up this month, too…

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