Track Premiere: Scott Three “Runnin’ Wild” (Numero Group “Kid Soul”)

NUM066LP_Scott Three

Ace cut taken from the archival label’s Afterschool Special: The 123Ss of Kid Soul.

By Blurt Staff

A decade or so ago the venerable Numero Group label released Home Schooled, a compilation of vintage soul performed by very young groups rightly described as literal peers of the Jackson Five; they were typically in the same age group. Now comes the followup to that anthology, Afterschool Special: The 123Ss of Kid Soul, due Sept. 16, and we have a standout track by Scott Three to unveil for the BLURT readership. Check out “Runnin’ Wild (“Ain’t Gonna Help You)”:

From the liner notes: A family group poured from the Jacksons mold, College Park, Georgia’s Scott Three came together under the tutelage of eldest brother Randolph in 1971. “I saw what the Jackson 5 were doing and thought, ‘Zach could do that,’” said the keyboard-wielding Randolph. Twelve-year-old Zach Scott found himself with bass in hand, his middle brother Michael behind him on the drums, and soon after they were on the stage of any nightclub that would have them in the Southeast. “We opened for Dee Dee Warwick once, and she dismissed us one by one. It was humiliating,” Randolph remembered. “But we kept going, kept practicing.”

Their strict Jacksons and Osmonds covers set was broken up by only two originals, the Michael and Randolph-penned “Runnin’ Wild” and “Gotta Find a New Love,” which were recorded in March 1972. “I paid for the session and pressing from the tips I earned waiting tables at Morris’ Cafeteria,” Randolph said. When not busing trays and playing live, the eldest Scott also attended the Columbia Broadcasting School and was a part-time DJ at Atlanta’s AM powerhouse WAOK. While the latter afforded the Scott Three’s 45 access to airwaves, the very green Randolph was unable to secure distribution, and the record quietly faded. Within a year they’d made the switch to non-secular and were out of the business entirely.

That same year, Randolph Scott’s first daughter LaTocha was born. A decade later, Randolph caught the kid soul bug again, and cut LaTocha singing “Angel in My Heart” in 1983. By the end of the ’80s, sisters LaTocha and Tamika would form the bedrock of the multi-platinum R&B quintet Xscape. “I always invested in my family first,” said Randolph. “The payoff is so much more satisfying.”

Track Listing:

  1. I’m A Special Kid  Bethlehem Children’s Choir
  2. Runnin’ Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You) Scott Three
  3. Guessing Game Jimi Hill
  4.  You Got Me Believing (Dreamin’ ‘Bout You)  Leonard Kaigler
  5. I Love You Still  Cash
  6.  Because I Love You Brighter Side Of Darkness
  7.  Everywhere You Go  Next Movement
  8.  I  Want A Little Girl  The Bennetts
  9. Simon Says  Future Kind
  10. I Am Free No Dope For Me  The Dynamics
  11. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised  Brother’s Rap
  12. We Don’t Dig No Busing (The Busing Song)  Greer Brothers
  13. Funky Breakdown Little Man & The Inquires
  14. Love Got A Piece Of Your Mind Five Ounces Of Soul
  15. Girl Why Do You Want To Take My Heart Magical Connection
  16. It’s Time For Love Soul  Emotions & Co.
  17. Losing My Girl  Brotherly Five
  18. The Other Guy  The Mighty Mustangs
  19. James Brown Nancy Dupree



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