Track Premiere: Pugwash Rides That “Monorail”


Andy Partridge of XTC approved this message…

By Blurt Staff

Pretty damn excited about unveiling this track for you, the anglophiliac BLURT readers: it’s by beloved Irish outfit Pugwash, from their recent anthology A Rose in the Garden of Weeds: A Preamble Through the History of Pugwash… Without any unnecessary editorializing on our part, let us just point out that you will dig “Monorail”:

In his recent review of the album, longtime contributor John Moore enthused, “Add Irish Pop band Pugwash to the list of tragically overlooked bands in this country. The collection is a best of and a starter record all in one. For the uninitiated, Pugwash is the second coming of ELO, Jellyfish and XTC (they were even wisely snatched up by Andy Partridge for his own label), combing smart lyrics with earworm Pop melodies that stick with you for days.

“You can’t go wrong putting this album on shuffle, but stand out tracks here include the opening song “Take Me Away” and the hypnotically catchy “Monorail.” Fittingly, the CD includes liner notes from Fountains of Wayne’s Chris Collingwood (who clearly shares a record collection with the band) and The Section Quartet’s Eric Gorfain.”

We’re BLURT, and we approved this message. Go HERE to read our 2009 interview with the band. Meanwhile, the band is performing tomorrow night (Oct. 23) in Los Angeles at Silver Lake venue El Cid; also on the bill is Johnny Echols’ band Love Revisited.

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