Track Premiere: New Psycho Sisters (Susan Cowsill & Vicki Peterson)

Psycho Sisters

Long awaited (seriously – LONG awaited…) album hits stores this very week!

 By Blurt Staff

It’s called Up on the Chair, Beatrice (RockBeat Records) and it’s the brainchild of Susan Cowsills (of Cowsills and solo fame) and Vicki Peterson (Bangles), who previously teamed up in Americana supergroup the Continental Drifters. And as you shall read, it’s a recording collaboration many years in the planning. First of all, though, we are proud to offer you a fresh track, BLURT premiere style!

Way back in the early ‘90s Cowsill and Peterson adopted the Psycho Sisters moniker, touring with both Giant Sand and Steve Wynn. The Continental Drifters intervened, though, and it wasn’t until 2012 when they both found themselves in a position to focus on the sisterhood thang. They convened at the fabled Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana, to finally make the long-awaited Psycho Sisters album. Cowsill found the process “sweet and cathartic,” while Peterson describes the recording experience as “absolutely magical.”

Peterson and Cowsill wanted Beatrice to feel like it had been created in 1992 — as if it were, according to Peterson, “a ghost album, lost in the ether for 22 years.” In fact, the only band photos on the CD are from the Psycho Sisters’ 1992 European tour with Giant Sand. Both women acknowledge, however, that the disc would have been very different if they’d actually recorded it in 1992. “We would have had different expectations and worried more back then,” Cowsill admits, adding, “it wouldn’t have sounded as authentic.” Peterson says that the songs have grown up along with the women themselves.

Meanwhile, back in the immediate present the Sisters performed a Wild Honey benefit house concert earlier this week – take a look at some video footage:


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