Track Premiere: New from Leah Mason

Leah Mason Press Shot -Kate Swerdlow

Tune culled from her forthcoming album. Watch for her next week in Austin at SXSW.

 By Blurt Staff

 Her name’s Leah Mason, she hails from London, and she’s a kickass guitarist plus a stellar songwriter and singer. And we’re quite proud to unveil a fresh track for YOU, the discriminating BLURT-er. She’s been working with Brendan Benson recently on new music—she also toured the UK with him last year—so you know that’s a sign of quality. Enjoy “Ride A Pony”:

Explains Mason, “I met Brendan in Nashville a couple of years ago and ‘Pony’ was what came out when we finally got in a room together, that first morning. It was one of those tracks that basically writes itself and we had a song within a couple of hours. I love the fact the vocal is the rough demo vocal I laid down 5 minutes after we’d written the lyrics. There was something about the energy from the early takes, it felt good from the get-go so we didn’t really want to change or re-record anything. And I think that excitement comes through when you’re listening to the track.”

  Photo credit: Kate Swerdlow

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