Track Premiere: New From Chris Wilson of the Flamin’ Groovies


Dude is still shakin’ after all these years… track comes from his new solo album and features the other Groovies on it.

 By Fred Mills

 As we say here in BLURT-land, it’s always a groovy day when we can utter the term “Flamin’ Groovies.” To wit: our recent archival feature on the band and interview with vocalist Chris Wilson, “Shake Some Action Once More,” in honor of the legendary band’s return this year to the touring circuit.

 And as it turns out, Wilson has a new solo album titled It’s Flamin’ Groovy!, already released over in the UK and due out officially here in the States on Jan. 14. So we are doubly stoked to be able to unveil a track from the album, “All the Action,” right here:

As far as It’s Flamin’ Groovy!  goes, the album features fellow Groovies Cyril Jordan and George Alexander joining Wilson on the album. In fact, we are advised from the Groovies camp that “the sessions for this album earlier this year was the impetus for the Groovies’ recent reformation, world tour and new band recordings for their next studio effort.” The band gave fans a sneak preview recently via new track “End of the World” (listen to it here).

 Wilson is also joined on his solo effort by ex-Groovies Roy LoneyMike Wilhelm and James Ferrell, along with Procol Harum’s Hammond legend Matthew Fisher (who played live with the Groovies during their UK dates earlier this year). “All the Action” is billed as “a world-weary riposte to its forebear ‘Shake Some Action,’ while ‘She Satisfies’ and ‘Heart in Her Hand’ are both Jordan originals hailing from the ‘80s. And some of the tracks tilt in the direction of classic midperiod Stones and psych-era Beatles, which won’t come as a surprise to longtime Groovies watchers. (Below: Jordan and Wilson onstage during their recent reunion shows.)

 Jordan and Wilson

Track listing:

 1. All The Action
2. She Satisfies
3. Last Roll of the Dice
4. Heart in Her Hand
5. Shake That Feeling
6. Bad Dreams
7. Semaphore Signals
8. Down to the Wire
9. Sweet Anne
10. Feel Your Love
11. Can’t Let Go
12. Gamblin’ Man

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