Track Premiere: Michael Fracasso “Better Things”


Singer-songwriter cooks up a Ray Davies-penned anthem for his new album, out this week.

By Blurt Staff

Austin singer-songwriter Michel Fracasso should need no introduction—he’s a mainstay of the Lone Star scene, and he’s been making fine music with that sweet high lonesome voice of his since the ‘80s when he landed on the NYC circuit. His forthcoming album, Here Come the Savages arrives June 10 via Blue Door, and it comprises half originals and half covers by the likes of Johnny Thunders, Brian Wilson, the Rascals, bluesman Willie Cobbs—and Ray Davies/the Kinks, whose “Better Things” is awash in Rickenbacker tingles. We are damn proud to be able to unveil it now for the BLURT readership. Check it out:

Comments Fracasso, on his selection of the song, “‘Better Things’ came about because I wanted to play it at somebody’s 50th birthday party so I learned it for that event. It became a requested song at all my gigs afterwards.”

For the new album Fracasso worked again with Jim Lewis, the producer who helmed his last album, Saint Monday. He notes that it was a choice he made only after convincing himself that it was OK to continue exploring the rock and pop avenues they’d ventured toward on that one, although he adds that they intentionally went for a more crooner-type vibe this time around.

We are also advised that they produced more than five cover songs; Fracasso actually recorded an entire album of cover songs, then he recorded one of originals, the latter produced with longtime band member Mark Patterson. Fracasso intended to release both, but when his manager suggested combining the two, picks from each were seamlessly integrated into a new entity. But considering how strong the musical evidence is on Here Come the Savages,fans will certainly be justified in clamoring for more, soon…

Check him out on the web—including his cookbooks!—at his official website or Facebook page.

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