Track Premiere: Maya Solovéy “Still”


Tune plucked from gifted songbird’s new album, due mid-November.


Her name is Maya Solovéy and she is a New York City-based indie-folk singer/songwriter, a description that no doubt is increasingly meaningless—until you actually hear her. Six albums in, and with acclaim from such diverse corners as Rolling Stone, Glamor,, NPR, and After Ellen, not to mention turning up in film, TV shows, and commercials, she’s a known quantity who, just the same, remains avowedly independent in both style and outlook.

We’re honored to unveil a new track from her forthcoming album Blue Heart, which drops November 18. Check out “Still” and let us know what you think:

Maya writes music that can vary from quirky indie-pop to folk and Americana, to bossa nova—presented from the most elaborate productions to the starkest. Though regardless of genre or style, her voice carries with it a sense of depth, playfulness, intimacy, strength and fragility. Commenting candidly on “Still,” this gal with the smile allows,

“This song is about trying to be able to change who we are, but still being able to love the ones we love.”

Which is a more difficult task than one might imagine it to be at first. Maya, born in Philly, raised in western Massachusetts, and intimately familiar with Ecuador, Spain, Asia and New Zealand (check her bio at her website, definitely), had released an EP, Dissolving, in 2006, and soon met multi Grammy winning producer Bassy Bob Brockman in 2007, who subsequently worked with her on her self-titled trilingual album, Maya Solovéy, finally released in 2011 and the rest is history. Throughout, she has kept her eye on that elusive prize—the vicissitudes of love, and how to chart them—culminating in Blue Heart.


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