Track Premiere: ANY KIND


Album comes pre-approved by Mr. Brendon Benson!

By Blurt Staff

The band’s called ANY KIND but it’s far from just any kind of rock combo. Its members—who hail from both Austin and Chicago—recently wrapped up sessions for their sophomore album, and its now almost here in the form of O T H E R, set to drop during the spring. So we’re pretty pleased to be able to unveil an advance track exclusively for Blurt readers. Titled “Lost Again I Am” you can check it out right here:

Frontman Dan Duszynski comments on the music, saying, “There are times when nothing feels good, when you go insane and think the world will never make sense again. Then you fall in love, or you have a Eureka! moment, or you remember how amazing it is to exist at all.”

The backstory: Duszynski (vocals, guitars, keys) is joined by Matt Schuessler (bass), Adam Kaltenhauser (drums) and Bobby Lord (vocals, guitars, keys). Together they create pop songs with an experimental edge, with lyrics that offer insight with a whimsical streak. Their first album was self-released in 2012, and demonstrated Duszynski’s ability to render feelings of grief and despondency in a captivating way, urging the listener to dig deep into the layers of each song.

The new album was recorded in an old office building in Chicago, and it is also the band’s first for Brendan Benson’s Readymade Records label. It features ten songs that build on Duszynski’s pop-leaning songwriting sensibilities, while continuing to expand the soundscape with more lush, cinematic takes, like the harrowing “Creep All Night” and the hypnotic, Radiohead-like “Sightseeing.” There are flashes of Elvis Costello, the Beatles and ELO, mixed with a whimsy and grit that create a lithe, compelling collection of songs from the Austin and Chicago-based band.

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