Track Premiere: Hair & Skin Trading Company “Nihil”

Track will appear on the forthcoming new album.

By Fred Mills

Speaking as a huge fan of late ’80s/early ’90s British psychedelia – My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, and Loop especially – I couldn’t be more thrilled to unveil a brand new track from the Hair & Skin Trading Company, the band formed by John Willis (drums), and Neil MacKay (bass, vocals) following Loop’s demise; they were augmented by Nigel Webb (guitar) plus the short-tenured keyboardist/sampler player Richard Johnston.

Longtime contributor Jonathan Levitt has just interviewed MacKay and Willis for BLURT about their classic 1992 album Jo in Nine G Hell as part of our “The Story Behind the Album” series which Levitt spearheads. (Check out, in particular, his profile of Thee Hypnotics’ Soul Glitter & Sin.) And not only did he obtain from the band an unreleased live recording of one of the album tracks to include, they also supplied him with an exclusive track from their forthcoming new album, I don’t know where you get those funny ideas from. 

Check out the brilliant “Nihil” below and don’t forget to read the interview at the above link.

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