Track Premiere: Cowbell “Haunted Heart”


London outfit preps kickass new album for early June release.

By Fred Mills

Take a little bit of Eddie Cochran-as-filtered-through-The-Cramps, stir in some vintage girl group harmonies, then douse liberally with the classic British Invasion/Nuggets ‘tude and you’ve got… Cowbell! The London-based duo of Jack Sandham and Wednesday Lyle serve up a nigh-on unimpeachable brew of high-energy R&B, soulful garage, and dirt-road psychobilly, and these rock ‘n’ roll miscreants have no problem with holding a double barrel shotgun to BLURT’s head until we unveil this new track for the readership, the title track to their forthcoming album Haunted Heart. Everyone get ready—duck!

“There’s a bit of a Hammer Horror atmosphere to this one,” explains Sandham, of the track. “We love The Cramps and both got really excited when we got that rumbling psychobilly groove happening, we thought it set the tone for the album.  I can’t decide whether I’m pitying, comforting or lambasting the protagonist, maybe all at the same time. I particularly like the way it jumps into a girl group groove for the bridge.”

Bloody well right, mate. The album, which arrives June 2 via the estimable Damaged Goods label, offers everything from dark West Coast psychedelia to Memphis gospel soul, in addition to the aforementioned influences. It’s simultaneously primal and percolating, testimony to the two musicians’ eight-year tenure, which has seen two albums, numerous singles, and mucho roadwork. Recommended: 2012 debut Stampede and 2014’s Skeleton Soul. Also recommended: catching the group live, as they have consistently wowed the critics, deejays (BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins hailed them as “one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long time.”) and punters alike.

Cowbell CD

More details, tour dates (they play April 21 in London), etc. at their Facebook page: Or at their official website:

As the saying goes, “More, Cowbell.

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