Track Premiere: Cotton Mather: “Close to the Sun”


Tune culled from the beloved Texas combo’s new album, natch, out today. Grab a free MP3 below as well.

By Blurt Staff

So there’s a guy in Austin, Texas, who we’ve been tracking pretty much since BLURT got started, and his name is Robert Harrison. At the time, he was fronting a visionary outfit called Future Clouds and Radar (go HERE for some of our coverage), but all along, he had in his back pocket his former band, acclaimed ‘90s indie rock outfit Cotton Mather (about which, not so coincidentally, you can spot some of our enthusiasm HERE and HERE, when the band played our SXSW party in Austin). So here comes a brand new CM album, Death of the Cool, and we have a choice track to premiere for you today, “Close to the Sun.” Check it out:

The backstory: It didn’t take 15 years for Cotton Mather’s Austin-based main man, Robert Harrison to write the 64 songs that comprise his latest musical vision, one song for each hexagram (or reading) of the I Ching, that’s actually the amount of time that has passed since the last full-length album of new Cotton Mather songs was released.  With so much new material on deck, it seems like Harrison is making up the difference.

Death of The Cool is the first of four anticipated albums comprising Harrison’s endeavor to write and record 64 songs for each of the I Ching’s 64 hexagrams. Four additional non-album tracks can be heard now via with additional non-album tracks forthcoming. Keep your eyes peeled for a review here at this media portal, incidentally.

You can find the gentleman at multiple points sitting on the dock of the Web, below.

Photo credit:  Valerie Fremin

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