Track Premiere: Bloodhounds’ RSD Contribution to Alive 2LP Set


Song and album both come bearing the official TMOQ stamp of approval, yo.

By Blurt Staff

Easily one of the more exciting new bands we got turned on to last year was L.A.’s Nuggets-powered Latino rockers the Bloodhounds—the Blurt braintrust was so goddam Bloodhounds crazy that we even took the bait when a full digital stream of their Let Loose album was offered by their label Alive Naturalsound for the website. As our reviewer put it in his comments about the record, for “a band this young, that kind of open-mindedness [makes] Bloodhounds more than just a retro revivalist bar band and Let Loose! an auspicious debut.”

Speaking of debuts: we got another one for ya. Titled “La Coauhuila” it’s an unreleased track that is slated to appear on Alive Naturalsound’s upcoming Record Store Day exclusive 2LP set Rock & Roll Is A Beautiful Thing. Mighty stoked to premiere it today:

Frontman Aaron Piedraita explains, “‘La Coauhuila’ takes place in Tijuana, Mexico. I was down south for a couple months and a friend kept talking about this raunchier Las Vegas, an anything goes type of deal. All I had to do was get down there and I could get anything my heart desires. Oh I got mine!”

Incidentally, the aforementioned double LP features a cross-section of the record label’s acts, in celebration of Alive Naturalsound’s 20th anniversary, including The Black Keys, T-Model Ford, Buffalo Killers, Radio Moscow, Andre Williams, Outrageous Cherry, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires and many others. Below, check out the sleeve artwork—it’s by none other than legendary underground artist William Stout, whose body of work includes covers for the infamous ’70s Trademark of Quality bootleg record label, movie posters such as Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, production design for movies (Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, The Mist, etc), and some acclaimed paleontological art. His illustration for the album is part of the current exhibition Revolutions 2: ­ The Art of Music (Forest Lawn Glendale Museum).

Alive_Anniversary_Cover_Page_1 crop

The Bloodhounds’ Piedraita also commented on his band’s relationship with Patrick Boissel (founder/owner of Alive Records), saying, “Patrick and the Alive Records family have been the best label we could’ve asked for. We have a good relationship with Alive, they’ve been very kind to us. As a musician you dream of having an album out. Well, they not only made that dream come true for us, they put it out on a pink marble vinyl as well! They’ve helped us push our music out nationally and internationally. Arthur Alexander [from Sorrows, who produced our Let Loose! album] told us that Patrick doesn’t usually sign bands out of LA so we’re glad we were the exception. We’re proud of being a part of the Alive Records family!”

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