Track Premiere (2 of ‘em!): Band & the Beat Remixes


NC dreampoppers get the remix treatment by Aberdeen mainman (as The Legendary House Cats). Tourdates also listed below.

By Blurt Staff

Earlier this year we posted a track ably demonstrating Raleigh, North Carolina, based Band & the Beat’s mastery of synth-driven dreampop, as we’ve been a fan of both James Tritten (who helms the Fort Lowell label) and his wife Tracy Shedd (a singer-songwriter in her own right) for some time. As they describe it, the project “was more than simply a way to keep up with the current musical climate. It was chance to break free from years of guitar based songs, and the physical grind of the instrument itself. Inspired by classic bands like New Order, freestyle artists such as Egyptian Lover and Debbie Deb, and shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, the change of instrumentation freed their hands and minds of the constraints of traditional band structure, to the classic era of 808s and analog beats and melodies of futures past. A near literal electric charge.”

Now the duo has a fresh set of remixes, courtesy producer/guitarist John Girgus (of Sarah Records’ artist Aberdeen), coming on the heels of a previous remix by Mark Robinson (Teen-Beat, Unrest, Air Miami). We’re pretty honored to be able to unveil ‘em for you today at BLURT, so check out the tracks:

The tunes, in fact, are remixes of the group’s prior single single of “Straight and Narrow” b/w “Jimmy’s Jam” (the A-side was the one we posted back in March), remixes that take an ambitious trip from focused electronic pop to an 8+ minute ambient epic, driven by practiced compositions and insightful, motivating, lyrics. ‘Keep on marching, keep on marching to your own drum. . .’

Not long ago remixer Girgus transitioned from studio based instrumentation to a minimal laptop-based home set up with solo project The Legendary House Cats, closer to artists like Trentemøller or Ulrich Schnauss than the shoegaze and indie pop roots of Sarah Records, et al. Having been introduced to the world of remixing with an official remix of The Who’s “Eminence Front” (with KCRW’s Gary Calamar and The Balancing Act’s Willie Aaron), this quickly became an obvious collaboration when Girgus, Tritten and Shedd were catching up in conversation.

Band & The Beat typically makes ‘audio stems’ available for people like Girgus to do their own remixes at their own free will, which is basically what happened here. Girgus is a big Tracy Shedd fan; he played on her album Cigarettes & Smoke Machines (Teen-Beat).  When he got wind of Band & The Beat, and the fact that all of their audio stems were up, he had two remixes done immediately.


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Friday 12 August 2016

Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

Line-up: Hotline, Erica Eso, Band & The Beat

Friday 19 August 2016

Arts & Draughts Festival

Line-up: Grace Joyner and Band & The Beat

Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC

Saturday 20 August 2016

The Royal American, Charleston, SC

Line-up: Grace Joyner, Band & The Beat, LOV

Thursday 01 September 2016

Kings, Raleigh, NC

Line-up: Drique London, Chelsea Shag, Band & The Beat

Friday 09 September 2016

Get Downtown! Festival

Line-up: Band & The Beat

Lynchburg, VA

Thursday 15 September 2016

The Station, Carrboro, NC

Line-up: Band & The Beat, Moyamoya

Saturday 17 September 2016

Private House Show, Charlotte, NC

Line-up: Band & The Beat, Moyamoya

(contact Band & The Beat via Facebook for details)

Friday 30 September 2016

The Mothlight, Asheville, NC, US (map)

Line-up: Tin Foil Hat, The Volt Per Octaves, Band & The Beat, Lake Lawn