All Tomorrow’s Parties Cancelled/Not Cancelled/Re-cancelled?

ATP 2016

it’s the kind of game Bernie Madoff would have loved! So who’s earning interest on all those early bird ticket sales, hmmm?

By Uncle Blurt

This may or may not be the moment when music festivals start the inevitable jump-the-shark process; it’s been long predicted, and in truth, since each year it appears that the high-profile festivals, regardless of country, all book the same sure-thing artists (hey, Pavement is touring, and I’ll never get the chance to see them again, and… wait, Pavement is playing all 8 festivals I plan to go to this summer…), it may be time to finally just kill the beast anyway.

But we digress… over at The Quietus a (somewhat quiet) kerfluffle is afoot regarding the upcoming All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, slated for April 22-24 in North Wales (now there is an easy drive), featuring Rocket From the Crypt, Diamanda Galas, the Flamin’ Groovies, Omar Souleyman, Metz, the Gories and plenty more for both the deep-indie and hipster crowds – all curated by RFTC brethren Drive Like Jehu.

Apparently the ATP organizers sent an email to The Quietus earlier this aftenoon announcing that the event had been cancelled, no explanation offered. Roughly 15-20 minutes later, the announcement was amended, with The Quietus posting this notice that seemed to question the amendment:

UPDATE (15:49): Barry Hogan has informed us of the following: “We have just spoken to Pontins and we are currently resolving this miscommunication. Our events are going ahead as planned.”

Earlier this afternoon it was rumoured that the two upcoming ATP weekenders set to take place at Pontins Prestatyn had both been cancelled. The events had been due to be curated by Stewart Lee and Drive Like Jehu.

ATP have since rebuffed the claims that the weekenders have been cancelled taking to Twitter to say: “These events have not been cancelled, we’ll endeavour to keep you updated.” However, Pontins themselves have emailed us to confirm that the festivals have been cancelled. You can see a screenshot of our email contact confirming the cancellation by Pontins below. We’ll continue to update as the story develops.

Dang. Well, considering it’s way the hell out in North Wales nowheresville, who the heck cares? Would have been cool to see RFTC and DLJ on the same bill, though… Stay tuned!





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