Tom Petty Unveils “Hypnotic Eye” Radio w/Hidden Track


Much-hyped album due July 29, followed by a tour. Hint: the above image is not operative. Go to Petty’s site.

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

With his new Hypnotic Eye album slated to drop in a little over a week (on July 29), Tom Petty’s camp has been busily rolling out the advance teasers. Folks who purchased tickets to the upcoming North American tour received downloads of three songs from the album (“American Dream Plan B,” “Red River” and “U Get Me High”), while two of those tracks also were released to independent record stores as a $2 CD single that includes a coupon for $2 off the purchase of the full length. Next the song “Fault Lines” turned on sites and music blogs (check it out, below).

And now there’s a quirky interactive music player designed like a vintage car radio at Petty’s official website that allows fans access to those four songs plus yet another one—albeit fairly well hidden. As Rolling Stone reports, “Forgotten Man” is located between 280 and 260 on the player’s FM dial. Basically, you turn the “radio” on by clicking on the right-hand know, then adjust the “tuning” by clicking at points on the left-hand knob, which will move the red bar on the dial.

“U Get Me High” is located between 300 and 280, “Red River” between 260 and 240, “American Dream Plan B” between 240 and 220 and “Fault Lines” is at 220. Yeah, but where’s the volume control? Somebody please hand me my ear buds, quick….

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