Todd Rundgren Takes Down Fox News on… Fox News?!?

Hilarious new video rounds up all the usual Trump-centric suspects, takes ’em out back, and gives ’em a good olf-fashioned whuppin’...

By Barbi Martinez

The other night we were treated to the very odd notion of Todd Rundgren’s showing his new video, the politically-scathing “Tin Foil Hat,” on Fox show Watters’ World. Fair enough; Todd has often dipped into politics and satire, often simultaneously. What is truly mind-blowing, however, is that Fox would sanction the airing of content clearly disdainful of the Fox and Trump universes. Everyone from Bill O’Reilly (aka “Bill Orangutang”), Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Reince Priebus, and President Trump gets needled – in a couple of instances, completely skewered. The video was co-created with Donald Fagen and the song will appear on Todd’s new album White Knight.

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