This is Your Brain on Steroids…


…any questions? Novel legal defense groundwork set in motion as the legendary “Twinkie defense” is apparently no longer in vogue.

 By Blurt Staff

 As you’ve no doubt heard – we know that all of the BLURT readership keeps up with the band As I Lay Dying, right? – singer Tim Lambesis has been charged with a murder-for-hire scheme involving him, an undercover cop, and his estranged wife. You can read about it all over the web, including at, but the fun part (there’s always a “fun part” when it comes to murder-for-hire schemes that are uncovered, right?) comes with the side note from Lambesis’ lawyer Thomas Warwick who, clearly laying the groundwork for an insanity-by-way-of-impairment defense, stated that the singer got into bodybuilding and ‘roids awhile back.

 “His thought processes were devastatingly affected by his steroid use,” Warwick noted.

 Indeed. That, and all the side pussy he was getting while he ran around constantly on his wife of 8 years. Hey, it would mess up any God-fearing, devil-rocking heavy metal musician’s thought processes. Anyhow, at the top is Lambesis of late; below, the proverbial “before” photo. Oh yeah, Lambesis and his wife adopted several kids during their 8-year marriage. Nice.

Lambesis 2

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