Third Book in Power Pop Series Due in Oct.

PLAY ON Final Cover Vol 3 Revised

Author Sharp puts the “power” back in “pop”…

By Fred Mills

We’ve previously mentioned the Play On! Power Pop Heroes series of books that archivist and author Ken Sharp has been publishing, and now word arrives of the third volume that is slated to come out late next month. If you are a power pop fan you know you will need this one just like you needed the previous ones—and it is a mammoth 581-page door stop of a book. Here are some details:

Featuring a foreword by Berton Averre of the Knack, the book culls exclusive extended interviews with 16 artists that defined the genre and is profusely illustrated with rare photographs and original handwritten lyrics.

As Averre puts it, “Being in a band inescapably involves great amounts of frustration, rejection, fruitless work, misgivings, misunderstandings, missed opportunities…. [But] we were known. We were admired. We climbed the mountain, and we’re remembered and appreciated to this day. Did we have any problems? I can’t remember them. We had an amazing time.”

As with previous volumes there will be a musical addition: buyers will receive over 130 tracks of bonus music of rare, unreleased and live music

Track-by track commentary is provided about seminal albums including Get the Knack (The Knack,) Marshall Crenshaw (Marshall Crenshaw), The Romantics (The Romantics), Everywhere at Once (The Plimsouls), 20/20 (20/20), On (Off Broadway), The Beat (The Beat), New England (New England) and others plus select artist commentary about classic recordings from members of Rockpile, the Runaways, Greg Kihn, Nick Gilder, Paley Brothers, Robin Lane & the Chartbusters and others to get the inside stories.


Marshall Crenshaw
The Knack
The Romantics
The Plimsouls
The Runaways
The Beat
Paley Brothers
Nick Gilder
Greg Kihn
New England
Off Broadway
Robin Lane & the Chartbusters
4 Out of 5 Doctors
The Pinkees


More details on the book and how to order:

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