The Wilco Surprise: Band Releases New Album as Free Download


Cats and the web – marketing gold, we tell ya. Hey, what’s up with that Beefheart-esque opening track?

By Blurt Staff

It’s the followup to 2011’s acclaimed, best-selling Whole Love and it’s entirely overdue. It’s also available free for the taking from now until August 13: Star Wars, the title of which presumably won’t enjoy any marketing tie-ins with that other little thingy called Star Wars. (Can a JJ Abrams remix be in the mix?) Hell, that cat art will probably get more internet traction than the sci-fi connection…

At any rate, the 11-song new album is avalable for free download at the band’s website here, not to mention streaming at YouTube as well. Listen to it below. In terms of physical release, the CD will be August 21 and the vinyl Nov. 27.


2 More…
3 Random Name Generator
4 The Joke Explained
5 You Satellite
6 Taste the Ceiling
7 Pickled Ginger
8 Where Do I Begin
9 Cold Slope
10 King Of You
11 Magnetized

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