The Church’s Marty Willson-Piper Unveils new Collaboration MOAT


Album arrives Oct. 2 as a Swedish release.

 By Blurt Staff

 The project is called MOAT and it features guitarist/singer and songwriter Marty Willson-Piper (of The Church fame, naturally) and composer/multi-instrumentalist Niko Röhlcke, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, film/TV composer and member of Swedish indie pop rock band Weeping Willows. (Willson-Piper himself has lived in Stockholm for 10 years.) Their self-titled vinyl-only album (w/enclosed CD) is released Oct. 2 on Swedish label brus & knaster

 According to the artists, “The idea for the collaboration was that of producer/engineer Sigge Krantz. He imagined that together they would be able to create something special. Sigge loved Marty’s last solo release ‘Nightjar’, but as Marty played most of the instruments, Sigge’s idea was to make an organic record using a band, whist combining Niko and Marty’s creative vision and talents.”

 The duo started writing together in the fall of 2010, followed that up in the summer of 2011, and Willson-Piper also guested onstage with the Weeping Willows at a Stockholm concert. They subsequently convened in a studio last year (“beside a beautiful lake in a wonderfully restored Gamla Tvätteriet”) along with Weeping Willows drummer Anders Hernestam and Anders Graham Paulsson on bass. Anders H played on Marty’s fifth solo album ‘Spirit Level’, whilst Anders GP used to run Marty’s Stockholm studio. Special guests on the album who will also perform in the live line-up include virtuoso Malin-My Wall on violin, maestro percussionist Torbjörn Svedberg and Swedish-Polynesian chanteuse Tiare Helberg.

 Tour dates tba.


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