The Cassette Revival Starts Here, Sez Urban Outfitters


Time to dig out those old Walkman and boombox decks….

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

Urban Outfitters, who are not to be confused with American Apparel (which a lot of people seem to do; AA is the misogynistic and now bankrupt clothing company, whereas UO is the official hangout for mall rats), are not only joining it this weekend (Oct. 17) for Cassette Store Day, they have now launched a cassette line and will be selling cassette decks as well. (Via Stereogum)

That’s right, cassettes—that remarkably inferior and decidedly crappy-sounding analog format have indeed made a comeback, against all odds. Urban Outfitters aims to be at the forefront of the tape revolution and are releasing UO-exclusive titles from Run the Jewels, Halsey (who?) and Marina & the Diamonds, additionally planning to stock titles by Beach House, Action Bronson, Alvvays, American Football, Foals, Japandroids, Muse and Method Man.

But wait, there’s more: they also will have their free UO Mixtape series to distribute at Cassette Store Day, as they are already up to Vol. 11.

Meanwhile, they have in stock boomboxes, car stereo adapters (you connect them via Bluetooth), retro tape recorders (you know, those old decks about the size of a small book),and a Walkman clone w/headphones. Admittedly, you can still find that stuff at Goodwill stores, but not always in good condidtion, and it’s still kind of cool.

You can go HERE to view the UO tape and tape gear catalog. Most of the cassettes are in the $10 to $13 range.

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