Ted Nugent Assailed Over “Spearchucker” Obama Comment



Bow’n’arrow-toting rightwing mouthpiece subsequently denies rumors that he and country superstar Toby Keith will be doing a co-headlining tour of NRA meets. Above: the Nuge takes aim at all the naysayers calling him a “loud mouthed bigot.”

By Uncle Blurt

Call it a media firefight, or just a commonplace scrum among pundits, but the end result is the same: rocker Ted Nugent is being blasted by the left and lauded by the right for comments he made in the wake of the recent announcement that Oliver Stone would be directing a remake of the classic Robert Altman film from 1970, M.A.S.H., and that Nugent would be playing the part of Catholic priest Father John Mulcahy (originally portrayed in the film by veteran actor and Altman go-to guy Rene Auberjonois, below). M.A.S.H., recall, was a hit in its time, a thinly-masked critique of the Vietnam War — it was set during the Korean War of the 1950s but its themes were pure countercultural ‘60s and ‘70s — and went on to enjoy a second life as a hugely popular TV show starring Alan Alda.


Director Stone, no stranger to Vietnam critiques, has promised to “remain faithful to the spirit of the Altman original while delving into certain underexplored subtexts of the twinned Vietnam/Korea experiences.” War, and maybe even a police action, is hell, eh Olly?

Nugent, though, himself no stranger to critiques when it comes to America, war, guns, God and politics, went a step further when he went on Twitter to make some none-too-veiled anti-President Obama observations, including one tweet which read thusly:

”@TedFuckingNugent I hope Stone casts Obama as Spearchucker Jones so I can kick me some scrawny Kenyan ass…

Nugent subsequently added this little missive:

@TedFuckingNugent I will personally inform Mo’bama that God and The Pope won’t be letting no scrawny Kenyan ass into haven [sic] no time soon!


The “Spearchucker Jones” reference, of course, refers to the M.A.S.H. character Dr. Oliver “Spearchucker” Jones, who was portrayed in the movie by Blaxploitation film star Fred Williamson (above, with Obama) but was wisely omitted from the television show cast, no doubt due to the somewhat politically incorrect nature of the nickname that would have offended the burgeoning African-American TV audiences of the ‘70s. The film itself was adapted from a hit novel by writer Richard Hooker, originally published in 1968, and while both film and novel were clearly satirical, even though the TV incarnation followed suit to a degree, the feeling was that certain subtleties might be lost on the more mainstream audience.

Ted Nugent, however, is not a man known for his subtleties. Within hours of his tweet a furor erupted on social media, with Obama supporters and liberal-leaning types blasting him for his bigoted and “borderline racist” comments, while Obama naysayers, conservative pundits and the birthers brigade congratulated Nugent for having the cojones to speak his mind.

“Rap on, brutha Nuge, rap on,” tweeted former Republican presidential candidate and professional blowhard Donald Trump, in a rare moment of succinctness.

The White House has yet to issue a statement, while the Stone camp is reportedly “rethinking” its casting choice in Nugent, although sources tell BLURT that Stone’s marketing team is “secretly pleased” at the musician/actor/talk show host’s “innate ability” to drum up publicity for the movie this far in advance.

M.A.S.H.—The Reboot is scheduled to appear in theaters in the summer of 2017. Below watch a trailer for the original 1970 film.

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