What Your Taste In Classic Rock Says About You



By Uncle Blurt

Shameless ripping-off-other-websites dept.: Your ol’ uncle recently took this personality test – no, not that kind; I already knew I was an asshole – at the Playbuzz.com site. The topic was What Your Taste In Classic Rock Says About You, and basically it flashes selection of records and artists, and what you pick in each category determines your personality.

Somewhat surprisingly, I was determined to be The Punk Rocker. While I did pick folks like Mott the Hoople and Roger Daltrey, it was probably my picks for The Clash, Damned, Stooges and Debbie Harry that tilted the scales. According to the results, “As you prefer non-traditional rock n’ roll, you prefer a non-traditional lifestyle as well. You are not afraid to speak your mind about anything from politics to the weather. Although rather intimidating looking, you are a gentle and kind person on the inside. You make interesting and forward fashion choices that always delight and amaze onlookers. As your favorite musicians, you are never afraid to fight for what you think is right!”

Well, I fight for the right to party… Take the test, and enjoy trying to thwart it with contradictory answers!

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