Tallest Man on Earth Inexplicably Covers Joni Mitchell

Superlatives abound. Tallest! Greatest! Hype-est! Etc.

By Barbi Martinez

We’ve featured Kristian Matsson, aka Tallest Man On Earth, in the past here at BLURT. Let’s catch up with his “The Light In Demos” series of videos, which to date has yielded new tracks  “In Little Fires” and “Same Ghost.”Now comes a rather self-conscious cover of Joni Mitchell’s iconic “Both Sides Now.” He declares it ” “the greatest song in the world.”Um, right. Below, decide for yourself. (Memo to Matsson: Don’t quit your day job just yet.) (Memo to self: Google Image the  term “tallest man on earth” and check the “height” return at the top of the page.)

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