Synth Pioneer Don Buchla 1937-2016 R.I.P.


Was a peer of Robert Moog.

By Uncle Blurt

Don Buchla, who along with Robert Moog was one of the great electronic music grandfathers, passed away on Sept. 14 at the age of 79. According to the Guardian, the modular synth inventor “was considered a true iconoclast with an uncompromising vision of what synthesizers could be. His impact on electronic music was vast; Buchla independently invented the first modern synthesizer, at the same time as Robert Moog, in 1963. Although Moog is often credited with having invented the first modular synthesizer, Moog even admitted during his lifetime that Buchla was the first to have a full concept of how to put all the modules together to add up to an instrument.

“He invented a whole new paradigm for how you interface with electronics – much more human, and a whole new thing,” says Buchla’s close friend Morton Subotnick.

“He was a genius and an adventurer – an adventurer in the real sense of the word,” says his friend, musician Bob Ostertag. “Almost everything he made was unprecedented.”


Read more about Buchla at the Guardian story and at the Buchla Wikipedia page. Below, hear some music. After that you can check out an interview with the inventor.


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