Swans Release Limited Edition Album w/Handmade Sleeves


Record aims to help fund upcoming, and final, studio album.

By Blurt Staff

Michael Gira and his Swans ensemble toured heavily last year in support of the superb To Be Kind album, additionally recording their shows. Gira has now announced a 10-song Swans album, The Gate, comprising six live tracks and four solo demos. What’s unique is that the cover is hand-designed and decorated/autographed by both Gira and cover artist Nicole Boitos, meaning every copy will be different. (via Stereogum)

The idea is to raise funds through the sale of The Gate that will pay for studio sessions for the next “proper” Swans album—one which Gira intends to be the final one from the Swans, or at least the lineup currently in place. (There have been many Swans lineups over the years.)

Gira noted that four of those six live songs are previously unreleased, and quite lengthy, “developed through correction, improvisation, and catastrophe over the course of 16 months touring, and they’re still not ‘finished,’ per se – as always, this is work in progress, to be further explored in the studio.”

Order the album HERE.

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