Superchunk Offers Latest in Live “Clambakes” Series For Free


Live in Australia ’96, no less…

 By Blurt Staff

 Superchunk has just released Clambakes Vol 7: Shut the F*ck Up!…No, We Love You – Live at the Corner Hotel 1996. It was recorded live in Melbourne, Australia on November 23, 1996.

Mac wrote of the new Clambake: “To celebrate our return to Australia, we take you back to the last show of our last visit and a Clambake recorded live at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne in November 1996. It sounds like this was a fun night and I’m sure it was—Smudge and The 3Ds were on the bill—so please excuse a few glitches in the recording and enjoy the energy circa ’96. Looking forward to seeing you again shortly.”

Superchunk will be in Brisbane and Melbourne next week, Nov. 11 – 16. Rock down under, y’all!

Clambake Vol 7 track list:
1. Intro
2. Untied
3. Hyper Enough
4. Cool
5. Punch Me Harder
6. Silverleaf and Snowy Tears
7. Iron On
8. Water Wings
9. Wilbur Chat
10. Sunshine State
11. On the Mouth
12. Mower
13. Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything
14. Skip Steps 1 & 3
15. Tie a Rope to the Back of the Bus
16. Driveway to Driveway
17. 100,000 Fireflies
18. Fishing

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