Sun Kil Moon & Jesu Release Michael Jackson Dis Track


No word yet on whether Drake, Kendrick or L’il Wayne will step up with a reply…

By Barbi Martinez

The lyrics pretty much speak for themselves:

“He’s bad/ And he’s dead and I’m glad/ He’s dead/ And to me it ain’t that fucking sad… I’m sorry for the bad things that his father did to him/ But it doesn’t add up to building a Willy Wonka trap for kids/ And changing the color of your god-given skin.”

The song it titled “He’s Bad,” and yes, if the lightbulb flickering dimly over your head, well, bless your heart, that IS a reference to the Michael Jackson. Who, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco, remains quite dead, and therefore not exactly in a position to take to social media to respond to Mark Kozelek and Justin Broadrick, aka Sun Kil Moon and Jesu. The collaborative duo released an eponymous album earlier this year, and this song would be more of their artistic interlocution, which is no doubt going to make a ton of their fans quite happy.

Their second longplayer, 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth will be released next year. Listen to that new track here.

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