Streaming Premiere: Listen to the Entire New Bombadil Album


Metrics of Affection drops next week via Ramseur Records.

 By Blurt Staff

 North Carolina’s Bombadil creates music that is a quirky and sophisticated twist on vintage pop, indie rock and alt-country, and you can hear their new album, Metrics of Affection (due out July 23) right here and exclusively on Blurt.  


The band – Stuart Robinson (vocals, piano, ukulele), Daniel Michalak (vocals, bass, keyboards) and James Phillips (drums) – took their name from Tom Bombadil, an obscure character out of “The Lord of the Rings.” Metrics of Affection almost never happened.  Bombadil was sidelined for most of the past three years due to a debilitating nerve injury sustained by Michalak that affected the use of his hands. After spending the past couple of years searching for a cure, trying everything from acupuncture to orthopedists to neurologists to Rolfing, his hands have improved to the point where he’s able to play and tour again.

 Metrics of Affection is an embarrassment of riches, 13 tracks of pop without boundaries, brimming over with bubbly energy and masterful songwriting – and features Michael Stipe on the track, “Escalators.”  It’s tough to be truly original while still creating catchy pop songs, but the album’s first track, “Angeline,” proves that Bombadil has no problem doing that.  “Boring Country Song” is actually a literate, lyrical ode to the missed connections that make relationships so difficult; its luxurious cascading harmonies and sparse piano will send chills down your spine.  Bluegrass banjo and hip hop rhythms collide on “Born at Five,” a song that tells the story of an ordinary man’s life in three minutes.  “When We Are Both Cats” is a strange but fun tune with pop sensibilities, and Isn’t It Funny” showcases the band’s incredible vocal chops.  Lots of strange and beautiful music on Metrics of Affection, so check it out here.

 [Photo Credit: Harry Taylor]

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