Springsteen Preps 12” EP for Record Store Day 2014


Vinyl rules, natch.

 By Blurt Staff

 Coming in a couple of months will April 19 which we all know is the day before Easter this year, but the big news is that it will also mark Record Store Day 2014. Among the artists participating this year: da Boss, aka Bruce Springsteen, with a 4-song 12” EP of originals not included on the recent High Hopes album.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, producer Ron Aniello commented on the provenance of three of the tracks, indicating they were originally recorded for High Hopes but ultimately shelved: “Well, there’s a song called “Cold Spot” I really liked, but it didn’t make it. There’s a song called “Hey Blue Eyes” that I also loved, but it didn’t make it. Another was called “American Beauty” and there was also “Mary Mary.” Those are the ones that come to mind. There might have been five more.”

 American Beauty EP Tracklist

1.  “American Beauty”
2.  “Mary Mary”
3.  “Hurry Up Sundown”
4.  “Hey Blue Eyes”

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