Speaking of R.E.M., It’s Another Pete Buck 45

Pete 1

Meanwhile, let’s listen to some Charlie Pickett!

By Uncle Blurt

Now we talking. In addition to that recent R.E.M. archival news, Peter Buck (or as yer ol’ uncle likes to call the erstwhile R.E.M. guitarist, Uncle Pete) has a new 45 just hitting stores. It’s a 4-song EP titled Opium Drivel but it’s anything but opiated, or drivel… well, you might enjoy partaking of some opium or a similar combustible as you spin the wax, but I digress. The tracks are as follow, and watch for a review very soon: “Portrait of a Sorry Man,” “If This Is Love Can I Have My Money Back?” (cover of Charlie Pickett & The Eggs, from 1981), “Drown With Me,” “Welcome to the Party”

Pete 2

Pete 3



Meanwhile, as long as we are talking Charlie Pickett, here’s a live version of the legend himself:

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