Spacemen 3 Gets 1st Release in a Decade

Spacemen 3

“The set presented here, is as it was…except the show was twice this length. We tuned and smoked for almost as long as we played.”—Sonic Boom

By Blurt Staff

Long suffering Spacemen 3 fans got an early Xmas treat recently with the release of the vinly-only Live At the New Morning, Geneva, 5.18.89 via Swedish custom label Mental Groove. Recorded at the aforementioned venue a quarter-century ago, it finds Sonic Boom, J. Spaceman & Co. in superb, if smoked-up, form, from the trance-inducing anthem “Things Will Never Be the Same” to the revved-up “Bo Diddley Jam” paired with “the Motor-city-riffic “Revolution” (which, sharp eyes will recall, was famously covered by Mudhoney) through the final half-hour long motorik dronefest “Suicide.”

Sonic’s comment above is apt; the hour-long set presented here apparently also included a good deal of not-necessarily-superfluous tuning up and fucking around (particularly midway through “Suicide,” which Sonic notes in his liners involved “taped down keys and feeding back guitars propped against our speaker cabs [while we went] back down to the already too familiar dressing room. We rolled large smokes and cracked fresh drinks [then] re-appeared on stage… Extending the maelstrom as bloody mindedly as we could.”

Indeed. The album was taken from a mixing board recording and is pressed on both black vinyl and limited edition red. Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Rollercoaster 5:40

  • 2. Things WIll Never Be The Same 5:35
  • 3. Take Me To The Other Side 4:23
  • 4. Starship 4:08
  • 5. Bo Diddley Jam 2:13
  • 6. Revolution 7:55
  • 7. Suicide 29:12

Below, watch a live clip of “Suicide” not from the same show but from the same Euro tour…

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