Soul Legend Sam Moore, Meanwhile, Opts for Endorsing Trump


And yes, before you ask, “performing for the Trump inauguration” does equal “endorsing Donald Trump for President.” Below, watch a classic clip of Sam and the Boss during more ethically responsible days.

By Uncle Blurt

Yesterday the news was about a somewhat obscure, though apparently much loved, Springsteen tribute act getting ripped a new collective asshole for playing a Trump inaugural celebration bash in New Jersey, then subsequently bowing to pressure and pulling out. Today, the news is about Sam & Dave soul legend Sam Moore – a lifelong hero of Springsteen, who has brought him onstage numerous times over the years, and therefore a much loved Springsteen fanbase hero  too – defiantly declaring that he plans to go through with his booking for the Trump inauguration.

As the Daily Beast reports. Moore told the press, following inquiries regarding the soul singer’s political allegiances,  “I am not going to let them, the left side, intimidate me from doing what I feel is the right thing to do for the country and that [presidential] seal. [Trump has] got a big mouth, like me, Whether you agree with him or not, he’s going to say what’s on his mind…. Give the man a shot. He hasn’t even said ‘I do’ yet. Give him a chance. If you don’t like him after four years, then don’t vote for him next time.”

The Springsteen camp has not commented on this as of yet.

One could say the same thing about music fans giving their heroes a shot as well, and then, upon being let down, declining to vote with their wallets next time the box office has an on-sale for a Sam Moore show… Well, at least we have all those awesome Springsteen bootlegs, the ones featuring Moore popping up to sing with the Boss, that we can sell on eBay for ridiculous prices?

So Sam, in the interest of total transparency, how much are you getting paid to shill for the Donald, and has anyone approached you about donating your fee to a social organization? What if we donated the money we get from selling the aforementioned bootlegs to the charity of YOUR choice as a little nudge, hmmm?

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