Sneakers’ (Stamey-Easter) Beloved B&G Pies Being Produced Anew


“They taste so good you’re gonna wanna overdose now”

By Bo Oswald

If you’re of a certain age (I am) and from a certain region (North Carolina) then you probably remember gorging on B&G Pies as a kid – and if you of a certain addictive personality type (yes, I am) then you probably also remember being heartbroken when, earlier this year, the venerable (since 1949, no less) Winston-Salem foodstuffs manufacturer announced it was halting production in order to find a new facility. A couple of days ago, though, the company announced it had found a new home and is back to baking.

To celebrate, let’s hum a few bars of the B&G theme song, courtesy the venerable Winston-Salemites of Sneakers (the band that would give the world Chris Stamey (dB’s) and Mitch Easter (Let’s Active). It turned up on the group’s posthumous anthology, 2007’s Nonsequitur of Silence.

Fun Fact #1: Sneakers reunited not long ago for a handful of shows that brought many Tarheel music scene old-timers out of the woodwork.

Fun Fact #2: The B&G song was also a staple of live sets by late ’70s Chapel Hill punk/garage/pop outfit The H-Bombs, which was profiled right here at BLURT awhile back. That band also included a future member of the dB’s, Peter Holsapple. (Thanks for tipping everybody to the B&G news, Peter!)

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