Slow News Day? Try the Supertramp 9/11 Conspiracy Theory On!


We also have a bridge we wanna sell ya….

 By Uncle Blurt

 My BLURT news-gathering minions are ever-diligent, as you might have surmised from our comprehensive news coverage here, and today is no exception. To wit: UK pomp/classic rockers Supertramp – a longtime guilty pleasure of yours truly – have apparently been implicated in a 9/11 truther conspiracy theory! It seems that their 1979 album Breakfast In America is rife with prophetic clues if you scrutinize the record sleeve closely. Or at least if you equate that glass of fresh orange juice superimposed on the image of the Twin Towers with an orange fireball…

 Thanks to contributor Rev. Keith Gordon of the mighty blog for the tip! Oh, and by the way: Paul is dead, kids, and the CIA killed Jimi Hendrix. Meanwhile, let’s sing us some Supertramp:

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