Slide that Jimmy Cap on with Daft Punk Condoms

Daft Punk condoms

Calling all BLURT-ers…. we have an opp for you…

By Blurt Staff

It’s a timely promotional product with a can’t-miss name. According to NME,Daft Punk now has its own “Get Lucky” condoms via the Durex company. See it, above; below, an image from producer Diplo’s Facebook page bearing the quip, “thank god I had those daft punk condoms last night.” (There’s also a photo of Diplo’s purported, uh, member.)

Daft Punk Diplo

Meanwhile, Blurt is planning to film a PSA on the proper application, use, care and maintenance of Daft Punk condoms. No, the “P” in PSA does not stand for “porn.” If you are a healthy male between the ages of 21 and 25 and in possession of a penis of slightly above-average length and girth that does not feature any unusual curves, please apply at the usual address. We will also be auditioning female fluffers in the very near future….


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