Sex Pistols “…Queen” 45 Sells for Nearly $15k

You just might feel like you’d been cheated…

By Uncle Blurt

Quick, name one record you’d love to own but have neither ever seen it nor have a prayer of every buying.

If you said “God Save The Queen” / “No Feeling” by the Sex Pistols—the mega-rare version that the UK branch of A&M Records issued in 1977 prior to the band getting dumped by the label and subsequently signing with Virgin—go to the head of the bank queue. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your house deed as collateral for the loan.

The 45 has long been considered one of the rarest records from the modern era, reportedly only 25,000 copies pressed, and “virtually all were destroyed” by A&M in the wake of the cancellation of the band’s contract. Now, Alternative Press is reporting that a copy sold recently, on November 27, for nearly $15k.

“Discogs has verified the sale of the 1977 Sex Pistols seven-inch on A&M Records for $14,690 [actually, the figure listed on the Discogs site was €12,500.00, about $14,959.31 in US dollars – Ed.] and it now tops the list of the 30 most expensive records sold on the record-collecting database and marketplace for November.”

Somebody’s got some deep pockets. But wait—as the saying goes, there’s more. Currently on Discogs there are two copies of the infamous 7-inch for sale by UK-based sellers, one from a “davepunx” for £16,500.00 (about $22,400.83), the other from “mattyboy2009” for £18,999.00 (about $25,793.53). So you just might need that aforementioned trip to see your bank teller if you want to nab the platter any time soon. Of course, if you should decide to pony up, don’t blame us if at some point someone says to you, “Ever feel like you’ve been cheated?”

Never fear, normal people: there are “unofficial” reissues from 2013 on the market that were pressed on blue vinyl and boast a “Queen” themed picture sleeve that you can apparently score in the $30 range…

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