Scott Morgan GoFundMe Campaign; Video w/The Sights


A grassroots, crowdsourced affair of more than just good intent—it’s downright essential.

By Fred Mills

If you care about Detroit and its rock ‘n’ roll legacy, then you’ll care about this: Scott Morgan, legendary for the Rationals, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band and various iterations of his solo work such as The Scott Morgan Band and Scott’s Pirates, has spent the better portion of the past four years battling liver cirrhosis and a stomach tumor. Needless to say, the financial burden was huge, and while recovering he also wasn’t able to play much (or tour at all). So a GoFundMe campaign is underway to help the legendary guitarist and songwriter in order to offset some of those medical bills and sundry others. (He’s even on the verge of eviction.)

Needless to say, we here at BLURT are huge fans and would like to encourage everyone reading this to take a look at the GoFundMe page and consider donating. As our own Michael Toland pointed out in his recent review of the Morgan box set Revolutionary Action (Easy Action), “Morgan has restarted his solo career with a self-titled album of hard soul and R&B. Illness may have recently knocked the wind out of his sails, but it didn’t kick him out of the game for good, and Revolutionary Action keeps the faith until Morgan starts the next chapter of his long, extraordinary career.”

Meanwhile, check out a recent video of Morgan backed with his young pals The Sights—our pals, too, as they played the BLURT day party at SXSW 3 years ago and blew everyone’s socks off—on the tune “Radio Revolution,” originally recorded at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit with producer Jim Diamond. That’s followed by a live clip of the musicians, augmented by a number of associates plus MC John Sinclair, for a cover of Motor City classic “Barefootin’”…

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