Sandy Pearlman 1943-2016 R.I.P.



Had a major hand in shaping the musical world we know today. Above: Pearlman, center, with Mick Jones and Joe Strummer of The Clash.

By Fred Mills

Less than 2 weeks ago the news arrived about a GoFundMe campaign being mounted to help producer Sandy Pearlman pay the enormous medical bills he’d accrued in the wake of a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Now, sadly, we learned that he passed away yesterday, July 26, at the age of 72. Reports the NY Times, “[He died in Novato, Calif…He had suffered a debilitating cerebral hemorrhage in December, and died of pneumonia and other complications, Robert Duncan, his longtime friend and conservator.”


Among Pearlman’s many accomplishments over the years: he worked as a rock critic; reportedly coined the term “heavy metal”; produced and wrote lyrics for Blue Oyster Cult; produced such iconic bands as the Clash, Dictators, and Dream Syndicate; and was a co-founder of digital platform eMusic.

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