Ryan Adams to Governor: “Stop shitting on NC”


Above: smile for the camera, North Carolinians, Citizen Adams is lookin’ at you!

By Fred Mills

The tweet is short and sweet, but as you can tell – damn direct and to the point. That would be Ryan Adams’ succinct lambasting of NC governor Pat McCrory, 1/3 of the Republican triumvirate (which includes the state Senate and House chambers) currently lording over the Tarheel state with a host of recently enacted, astoundingly regressive, legislation.



Hey stop shitting on North Carolina

Adams rarely has much to say about his former home state – most folks feel like he’s burned his bridges and written NC off – which is why the above tweet seems so out of character. No matter – come home Ryan, all is forgiven. Maybe you can march with the rest of us at an upcoming Moral Monday protest…


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