Rumor Of The Week: Echo & Bunnymen Invite Let’s Active to Tour?


It’s like déjà vu all over again…

By Uncle Blurt

Okay, so, people like to tell us things… we ARE the press and all that… people like to tell us things mostly off the record because, well, we ARE the press and all that. Ya know? Like in early 1990, when a close friend of ours living in Charlotte, NC, tipped us that movie star Tom Cruise, then married to Mimi Rogers, might be canoodling with his Days Of Thunder co-star Nicole Kidman; the racecar movie, of course, had been filmed in Charlotte, and at that point the Cruise-Rogers marriage was nearing the final stages of divorce, but the Cruise-Kidman liason had not yet been made public. The two went on to marry, of course.

So people continue to tell us things—like the current rumor circulating around NC that Echo & the Bunnymen, riding high on solid reviews for their Meteorites album, have approached Mitch Easter about having his old band Let’s Active join the band’s 2014 tour. Our source tells us that he was told—yeah, we’re deep into hearsay, but c’mon, this stuff is already making the rounds and doesn’t qualify as “off the record” material anymore at this point—that when someone in the Bunnymen camp heard about the recent Let’s Active reunion show, collective heads nodded, and a call or an email was placed.

To be specific: Let’s Active recently reunited for what was presumably a one-off benefit concert at the Cat’s Cradle, with Easter, original drummer Sara Romweber and fill-in bassist Suzi Ziegler (formerly of Game Theory; tragically, original bassist Faye Hunter passed away in 2013) doing a set of Let’s Active classics for the event. Recall, however, that back in 1984 Let’s Active was in fact tapped to be the opening act for the Bunnymen’s tour…. Also, our source tells us that drummer Romweber has disclosed to friends that following the completion of previously-booked dates with her brother (as the Dex Romweber Duo), she’ll be moving on to other musical endeavors. (This news has not yet been confirmed by the band or its label, incidentally.)

Maybe a lasting friendship between the Bunnymen and the Active crew was forged all those years ago? We shall see. What a great tour this might be, though, needless to say. Let the rumor mill kick into gear…

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