Robert Plant on Chances Of a Led Zep Reunion: “Zero!”


Jimmy Page remains politely coy on the matter,  however…

 By Uncle Blurt

 Your ol’ Uncle saw Led Zeppelin numerous times back in the day, and as I have always tried to point out to all you young whippersnappers reading this publication, life WAS a fuck of a lot cooler when I was growing up. Think of all those pre-designer drugs I was taking and all that unprotected sex I was having…. But I digress.

 Today on the BBC both Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were interviewed about the upcoming bonus track-laden reissues of the first three Led Zep albums—you can hear some previously unreleased music at the BBC report—and at the end of the broadcast the following exchange took place when the interviewer floated the inevitable reunion question.

Page says [in faux-innocent, polite, coy tone of voice] “I’m sure people would love to hear it. I’m not the one to be asking, I don’t sing.”

    Plant, however, is unequivocal. The chances of the band performing live again are, he says rolling his eyes, “zero”. So fans will have to content themselves with the reissued albums. And Robert Plant has one piece of advice for them.

   “These things aren’t to study. They’re to turn up very loud and say, hey, once upon at time, everything was just as easy as this.”

Dang, Percy. I was looking forward to taking drugs and boffing nubile young maidens like I did as a teenager…

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