Riot Fest 2015 Ready to Kick Off


Blowing through town and blowing minds in Denver, Chicago and Toronto, starting this weekend…


Back for another year, long running Chicago punk festival, Riot Fest, now in its 11th year brings it travelling caravan to two other cities this year, to Toronto and Denver (no real surprise there as its been in those two cities the past few years). The festival, which started in 2005 in the Windy City with bands playing a few local clubs, is now playing Douglas Park in that city while in Denver it is at the National Western Complex (after being in the parking lot of Mile High stadium last year….we all saw Peyton Manning with a mohawk) and in Downsview Park in Toronto this year.

Each stop has different headliners though there are some bands playing all three of the festivals. The first stop this year is in Denver being the weekend of August 26th (this coming weekend; schedule HERE) while in Chicago it rolls into town on September 11- 13th (schedule HERE); and then a scaled-down  bill of two days instead of three heads into Toronto on September 19th and 20th (HERE).

In Denver blowing through town on Friday are headliners System of a Down as well as punk grandfather Iggy Pop plus Ice Cube (with special guests) as well as Motorhead, Cypress Hill and plenty more while all of those bands and more hit Chicago’s opening day (Billy Idol, etc.) and most of the same on Toronto’s first night of Saturday along with Weezer and more.

The following two days in the Mile High city bring NW moodies Modest Mouse, Frank Black-led Pixies, Bay Area’s Rancid, San Diego maniacs Drive Like Jehu, English legends The Damnd and hundreds of others on Saturday while the final night in Denver brings The Prodigy, Snoop Dog, Tenacious D, L-7 and many other while the final two days in Chicago brings the same as well as Merle Haggard and a few other changes.

Should be enough, right?

In Denver there will also be a rodeo theme (mechanical bull, BBQ cookoff, etc. – Lemmy promises to ride a wild bull) while in Chicago it’s a carnival and Toronto an, ummm, “exposition” (who knows what that’ll bring).

Just be ready people. I’d say if you still have your old Devo radiation suit then come wearin’ that as you’ll want to be prepared for anything.


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