Richard X. Heyman Preps Special 25th Anniversary Concert for “Hey Man!”

3-19 Arlene's flier II

Power pop gem gets resurrected by the auteur himself in March. Watch the original video for the album’s “Falling Away” below.

By Fred Mills

A few years ago BLURT’s own Lee Zimmerman penned a special profile of singer/songwriter/rocker/cult-legend Richard X. Heyman. In The Pop Perfectionist he asserted that Heyman, of ‘70s Sire/Warner Bros. classic Hey Man! fame, “is a man who’s accumulated an incredible canon of vibrant melodies, ever-ready refrains, sumptuous hooks and the kind of songs radio once craved, prior to the onslaught of American Idol-spawned pretenders and drab, disposable wannabes. Over the course of the past 25 years or so, Heyman’s garnered a remarkable reputation by virtue of a stunning series of albums that affirm a power pop template, but push at the parameters of that often stylized sound.”

Indeed. I second that commotion! (Go HERE to read our review of Heyman’s 2013 album X, and HERE to check out a track from the record that we premiered at the time.) So we were quite chuffed when the news arrived of Heyman planning a concert to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Hey Man! that will take place March 19 at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. According to the Heyman camp, “Richard and the band have been dipping a cautious toe back into the performing pool, and did a couple gigs late last year. [They will] play the whole album start to finish, and hand out copies of a remixed/remastered version of the disc to the first 50 people in the door.”

Below, check out the official press release for the show.

3-19 press release with graphics

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