Replacements To Record New Studio Album?

Replacements 2014 by Rich Fury

Magic 8-ball says all signs point to… “maybe.”

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

In the middle of blasting that smokin’ live bootleg of the Replacements’ St. Paul concert from last week I got the news that the band is mulling over the possibility of going into the studio some time following the conclusion of the current reunion tour. As Rolling Stone reports, “The Replacements say they’ll likely make an album at some point in the future. Westerberg, who often writes on piano as well as guitar, has plenty of songs in the hopper.”

The report elaborates, “One candidate for inclusion might be called ‘Are You in It for the Money?’; another is titled ‘Dead Guitar Player”… Unlike many rock reunions, which are pure business, this one has actually brought two far-flung old friends back together, perhaps for good. ‘We’ll call each other up when things go south, because we know we can get a laugh out of each other,’ says Westerberg. ‘I think,’ says Stinson, ‘we got to realize we might need each other a bit.’”

There you have it. Fingers crossed.

Photo credit: Rich Fury, via the Replacements Facebook page.

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