It’s Record Store Day’s Black Friday: Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?


Come to think of it, you should probably know where your credit cards are as well…

By Uncle Blurt

We can’t help ourselves; we love hot wax. Evidence can be found all over the BLURT site, of course; just enter the term “LP” in the search box, or click on “vinyl records” among the categories on the homepage. O vinyl, how do we love thee? Let us count the Record Store Day ways—such as HERE, and HERE, and HERE, not to mention the interview we did a few years ago with some of the folks who organized this annual ritual.

It will come as very little surprise to anyone reading this that BLURT has a couple of sister businesses, the estimable Second Motion Records (home to Tommy Keene, the Church, Bettie Serveert and other indie avatars), and Schoolkids Records (the 3-location record store chain based in the N.C. Triangle—found in Raleigh (where BLURT’s ye olde editor worked, incidentally, from 2012-15; he occasionally paid yours truly “under the table” to clean the bathrooms and keep the bins liberally stocked with Jethro Tull albums… I digress…), in Durham, and in Chapel Hill/Carrboro). It will also come as very little surprise to anyone reading this that the Schoolkids empire is an enthusiastic participant in Record Store Day—and, more to the immediate point, RSD’s annual Black Friday event.

You may have heard of Black Friday… as in, the day after Thanksgiving—this year, on Nov. 25—and the shopping megaclusterfreakoutsexfuckmagic that the date engenders. Allow me to encourage all assembled to seek out your local independent record store, and in particular, if you are anywhere near one of the aforementioned Schoolkids, pop in to get your wax fix. I will be in attendance at the Raleigh store today, holding court and pouring beers (yes, we do in fact have brews on tap and in cans, all the better to lubricate your wallets), so please seek me out. I am the handsome lad with wild-ass red facial hair, sharp black spectacles, a “make America vinyl again” hat, and a propensity for whipping out an air bass guitar at the verbal command, “Matti, we wanna rock!” (Below: Uncle Blurt, pictured right, with Blurt editor Fred Mills and Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike).


Incidentally, for a very insightful article on vinyl, record retailing and Record Store Day, read our own Mr. Stephen Judge’s recent essay, “Nevermind the Bollocks, Here’s the Record Industry.”

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