Record Store Day Launches “The Adapter Prize”


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There are a lot of awards given out. And the ones that mean the most are given by the people who know what they’re talking about. So, it is in this spirit that Record Store Day, yes, the folks who bring you the Big Event every year in support and celebration of Independent Record Stores worldwide, bring you the ADAPTER PRIZE, which honors the releases record store staff and their customers think are the very best. The Adapter Prize, modeled loosely on The Mercury Prize and The Polaris Prize, was first brought to the table by the organizers of Record Store Day Canada.

Carrie Colliton, Record Store Day co-organizer enthuses, “I have never been so happily immersed in new music, of all genres, as when I worked within the walls of a record store every day.  The folks who work there and the folks who shop there know their stuff (and I’ve found many of them are not shy about expressing their opinions, either!). I think it’s great that there’s finally a way for them to collectively give a slap on the back to the artists and labels who create the records that they love each year.”

And Tim Baker of Sunrise Records, and Record Store Day Canada says, “We feel over the next few years that these awards will become the final word on what defines real quality in music. Who better to evaluate that quality than record store staff and their devoted clientele?”

Named after that oh-so-necessary bit that slips into the hole of your 45s, the Adapter Prize is a simple 4-category award decided by, you guessed it- more than a healthy handful of indie record stores across the country. The first phase, going on now, allows record store staff and customers to nominate titles in these four categories: RECORD OF THE YEAR (NEW RELEASE), RECORD OF THE YEAR (REISSUE), RECORD STORE DAY RELEASE OF THE YEAR and BREAKOUT OF THE YEAR.

To be eligible for nomination for the 2013 Record Store Day Adapter Prize, titles between May 1 2012 and April 30, 2013.) To be eligible for nomination, titles must have general national distribution and be available to all stores across the country.  Full criteria  for each category and a growing list of stores accepting nominations is available at

Once the nominating time period has closed, nominations will be vetted and the top five nominations meeting the criteria in each category will be placed on a short list. The staff of the participating record stores will vote on the final winners in each category.

The recipients of the first-ever Record Store Day Adapter Prize will be announced in September 2013.

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